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Sprechen Mit Mir
It's late
Sunday. 10.14.07 1:01 am

I'm buried in work.

And most importantly

I love you all. Thanks for all the nifties.


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Food chem (part 2)
Thursday. 10.4.07 1:22 pm




I have no clue. I should probably be paying attention, but I'm not.

I've googled:
korean desserts
personality disorders

I've also been shopping.

....class isn't over yet

you know, I also found an article about how web browsing makes us goldfish attention span wise (9 seconds)

I'm half a goldfish.


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Thursday. 9.27.07 11:02 am


Now to find a guy that'll actually take care of me, whose parents aren't racist/embarrassed by me not being lily white, and is well off, because a poor, selfish boys care for no one.

I can deal with poor if he cares.
I can deal with selfish if he's rich as hell so at least I don't have to take care of him.

Applications being accepted.



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Wednesday. 9.26.07 10:05 am
Food Chem's really not bad. I was just tired as hell and in a hateful mood.

...I'm still in a hateful mood, but it's because I'm in a hateful mood, not because of the class.

I think, as soon as you want to strangle the last life out of someone slowly so that they suffer, it goes down hill from there.

Fortunately, I'm not there yet.

I'm just mad at the bf. (insert eye rolling... and much sighing... and... stuff).

So I'm writing to make myself feel better.

...It's not helping at all... but hey my typing's getting better.


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in food chem class
Tuesday. 9.25.07 12:38 pm
....goddamn I hate this class.

That is all.

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Oh yea btw
Monday. 7.9.07 10:26 pm
Dear Nutang,

I passsssssssssssed my cl-assssssssssssses.

I was in nova for a week.


So like, I have just unwound and now I'm better.

now if I could only finish everything on time.

I'm saying good-bye to my biochem major, since I fking hate it.

Going to try to finish my chem minor.

And my food science minor.

and oh yea. my bio major. (that's almost done. I need like 2 labs)

so. uhm. yea.

I'm pretty much all set to go.

So... in a year let's see what happens when I have my new fangled degree.

Oh and *clears throat* I would like to thank all of you lovely people for your encouragement. <3 you~!

Newly Optimistic,

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